Plastics have revolutionized our lives: they are light, flexible and impact-resistant, and can be processed cost-effectively even for complicated components in large quantities.

But plastics are also relatively soft. Untreated plastic surfaces can already be scratched if you just wipe them with a paper bag. This is exactly where surface refinement comes in: It enhances the properties and enormously increases the possible applications of plastic components. The aim is to give the surface glass-like properties - while retaining the high impact resistance and low weight of the plastic.

TOP Oberflächen GmbH can offer suitable coating systems with high scratch resistance for various plastics, especially transparent plastic types such as PMMA, PET, PS, SAN, ABS or PC.
Under the brand name ABRASIL® variously adjusted formulations for the types of plastics commonly used in industry can be found.
At the same time, we can also provide the appropriate process technology for the scratch-resistant finishing of different plastics and component geometries.

In order to guarantee an optimum result - i.e. extremely high scratch resistance and brilliant optical quality - the substrate, the coating lacquer and the process must be optimally matched to each other.